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How It Works

Formula For Success

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Your student will be pre-assessed in All content areas: Reading, Math, Science and Writing. Their learning styles, gifts, abilities and their community of support are also evaluated.

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Create Student Academic Growth Plan

Parent(s), student and Academic Coach meet to review pre-assessment results. Next, this team develops an individualized Student Academic Growth Plan (SAGP). This plan of action ensures that the family's goals are always kept at the forefront.

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Now the Work Begins

Student and Academic Coach meet, either in-person or via our online platform, to execute all goals on the Student Academic Growth Plan.

Our Programs

Coaching is needed at all levels of education, from elementary to
college, and on a variety of topics.

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Our Mission

Primary Focus Learning Center® provides a variety of year-round services for children, teens and young adults to achieve their full potential in multiple areas of their lives. Our tailored focus on the whole child means that every child will find success, while increasing their confidence and self-esteem simultaneously.

Our Vision

We strive to make a difference in a child's life holistically. We value and take pride in the betterment of the whole child. Children are multidimensional and grow into multidimensional adults. We provide opportunities to encourage well roundedness, through healthy lifestyles, academic, social and emotional development.